Government Fund Per Student

by Jenny Permanasari

With the current pandemic, economic inequality becomes more apparent in every corner of the world. Are we wondering why this issue is still happening? Or why is it still happening in such a developed country like the United States?

In the United States, generally speaking, economic inequality has actually got worse comparing at least 20 years ago. The middle class in the United States is shrinking.

Regardless of the inequality issue in the United States, government funding per student for public schools from K-12 in the United States is significantly incomparable than in Indonesia. Below is the comparison based on information issued in 2020.

Based on that number, public school students in the United States receive 140 times of government funds than students in Indonesia. Does that mean the students in the United States receive education quality 140 times better? Roughly speaking, it may be. 

Based on personal experience of having lived the first 21 years of my life in Indonesia and living in the United States thereafter for a longer period, that does not translate the students in the United States are 140 times better human than the students in Indonesia at all.

In the United States, public education fund comes from all level of government. From federal down to the local government. Half of the fund comes from the local government, supported by local people who own houses. The government requires homeowners paying property tax annually ranging from 0.29 – 2.16 % depending on the states.*

*USA Today – Property Tax 2019

The US Government Data

Indonesia Government

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