Batch 4 (Nov 11 2020): Fund for Indonesia’s National Teacher’s Day Celebration

Since the 2018 devastating earthquake that flatten Sokong 1 Public Elementary School (SDN 1 Sokong), the students had not been experienced any kind of celebration at school. For that reason, we funded $85 for the school to celebrate Indonesia’s National Teacher’s Day. The fund was used to host game contests with prizes and teachers’ luncheon.Continue reading “Batch 4 (Nov 11 2020): Fund for Indonesia’s National Teacher’s Day Celebration”

Batch 3 (Nov 5 2020): Fund for Mini Garden

On November 5, 2020, iFundEducation62 transferred $540 to Sokong Public Elementary (SDN 1 Sokong) to fund the completion of the mini garden that will be used to support learning for all students. Below is the video showing the mini garden that has been completed by the December 2020. Below are some photos before and process.

Why Am I a Firm Believer in Education?

by Jenny Permanasari My parents said that I insisted on being enrolled at school before I was school-age ready when my older sister started going to kindergarten. During elementary until middle school, my report cards show that I was simply an average student in the class. I was never in the top ten students outContinue reading “Why Am I a Firm Believer in Education?”