TESL Fellowship Program

As the world’s number one language, English truly bridges people from different countries to understand one another, and it ultimately drives the global economy.

Lombok island is known for its beautiful beaches that make them a popular destination for international tourists. Sokong 1 Public Elementary School (SDN 1 Sokong) is located in the northern part of Lombok, less than 10 miles from Gili Trawangan and the other two Gili. In anticipation that some of the students will work in the hospitality industry, we are on a mission to help students learn English by practice.

Our mission will only happen through the help of volunteers. We currently open the program for high school students in the United States. 

Highlights of The Program:

  • Receiving mentorship and guidance from a former ESL teacher who taught English in Indonesia
  • Teaching English to the 5th-6th grade students at Sokong 1 Public Elementary School (SDN1 Sokong)

The Impact You Will Provide to the Students at Sokong 1 Public Elementary School (SDN 1 Sokong):

  1. Learn/improve pronunciation
  2. Boost their confidence
  3. Promote cognitive development that helps overall academic progress
  4. Spark their curiosity and make the kids more receptive to learn about new things

If you are a high school student looking to spend your free time volunteering to teach English to foreigners, this program could be for you.

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