Pilot Virtual TESL Program

iFundEducation62 officially started the pilot Virtual TESL Program on January 29, 2021, with four high school volunteers from the San Francisco Bay Area and 33 elementary students from the remote island of Indonesia, namely Lombok. It is about a 45-minutes boat ride from Indonesia’s world-known island, Bali.

About The High School Volunteers:

Our high school volunteers consist of four girls; two are in freshman year, one in sophomore, and one in junior.

75% of the volunteers stated that they have learned how to teach ESL after receiving their first training.

All of them are motivated to volunteer teaching ESL to obtain the following skills/experiences:

  1. Leadership
  2. Communication
  3. Experience for College Application

About The Students:

Initially, we plan to teach the 6th-grade students of Sokong 1 Public Elementary School (SDN 1 Sokong). However, due to the pilot program started in the middle of the school year in which the 6th-grade students are already busy preparing their final year in elementary school, the school’s principal assigns 5th-grade students to be in the pilot program.

About The School:

iFundEducation62 started the relationship with Sokong 1 Public Elementary School (SDN 1 Sokong) from the devastating earthquake that hit Lombok island in August 2018. From initially helping the school to fundraise to rebuild their school, iFundEducation62’s mission evolved to help educate the students.

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