Public Speaking

The Public Speaking Program is offered to our Volunteer Student-Teachers to sharpen their communication skills. In this program, Volunteer Student-Teachers play the roles as moderators and panelists speaking with Guest Speakers in the Fireside Chat setting while the event is open live to the public via Zoom.

Though the participants of the program are not geographically limited, our current volunteer student-teachers are high school students from the San Francisco Bay Area. At iFundEducation, their primary role is to teach English to the students on the remote island of Indonesia through our TESL Program.

Click Here to learn the story how the TESL program was started.


  • August 23 2021: Aldi Sikar – CEO of Mentor Inc. (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • September 25 2021: Rubi Dewi – Life Science Researcher (Singapore)
  • October 23 2021 – Natasha Chee – Attorney (San Francisco Bay Area)


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